Abdah (The Soul of Ramal)

We have 16 houses those are associated with 16 figures and 4 elements and having a purpose.

Now this Daira-e-Abdah also having 16 figures and each figure is associated with 4 elements and some effects.

At the time of generating Zaicha “tableau” If the associated figure will goes in to the associated house as ( Fire Figure goes in Fire related House) .

Now you should know if one fire figure goes into the earth related house so its effects will change according to that house. This is what we follow normally in “Ah’kam-e-Shakliyah”.

The Figure

Every figure has 4 levels, and each level associated with an element. Now let’s see this figure:

The single POINT called “F’ard” and double Points will be called “Z’auj”.  Al Ramal (The Islamic Geomancy) has 16 figures; these all 16 figures are divided into 4 elements.

The basic and simple understand is, If the fire element figure comes in fire associated house so it will be powerful there, the answer should be positive, and if it comes in an air element associated house so it means the success still will be there but by friend’s help as fire and air are the friends, But if it comes in to water or earth element houses it means the success will delay by water and with earth its simply impossible.