Al Ramal Course

Al Ramal (The Origins of Geomancy ) is an original form of geomantic divination. This is the knowledge that came from Prophets and Saints time by time to seek guidance in our seen & unseen matters. The history goes to Prophet Adam (AS) to Prophet Idrees (AS) but finally the major evidences came from Prophet Daniyaal (AS), The Ramal has been practiced since centuries and it’s the first most authentic secret knowledge in the world for divination. Al Ramal (The Origins of Geomancy ) based on the 16th sacred figures of lines and dots. The 12th most important figures are associated with 12 astrological signs and houses. In the respect of secret knowledge ( Ul’oom-e-Makhfiyah) Ramal is a most secret and authentic education from God, A Ramaal (Geomancer) needs a life to understand it, practice it, and predict the answer via this knowledge. Off course nobody could use it without a higher permission as many of its secrets transferred by heart to heart from Saints and Teachers.

Course Contents

  • Introduction of Ramal
  • The List of Dawair-e-Ramal
  • Understanding with Daira-e-Sikan
  • Understanding of Daira-e-Abdah
  • Understanding with Daira-e-Bazdah
  • The Methods of Generating Zaicha
  • The rules for Ramaal
  • Understanding Ashkaal  -e- Ramal
  • The meanings of Ashkaal-e-Ramal
    Attributes of Lay’han
    Attributes of Ham’rah
    Attributes of Nasra-tul-Kha’rij
    Attributes of B’ayaz
    Attributes of Qabz-ul-Kha’rij
    Attributes of Ij’tima
    Attributes of Aqbat-ul-Kha’rij
    Attributes of Ink’ais
    Attributes of Aq’lah
    Attributes of Qabz-ul-Da’khil
    Attributes of Far’ah
    Attributes of Nasrat-ul-Da’khil
    Attributes of Naq’i
    Attributes of Aqbat-ul-Da’khil
    Attributes of Tar’eeq
    Attributes of Jam’at
  • Understanding Houses
  • The Zaicha and its Structure Values
    Astrological Relationship
  • The Repetition of Figures.
  • The Rules of Orders in Zaicha
  • The Rule of Multiplication between Houses.
  • House 1 Questions and Answers
  • House 2 Questions and Answers
  • House 3 Questions and Answers
  • House 4 Questions and Answers
  • House 5 Questions and Answers
  • House 6 Questions and Answers
  • House 7 Questions and Answers
  • House 8 Questions and Answers
  •  House 9 Questions and Answers
  • House 10 Questions and Answers
  • House 11 Questions and Answers
  • House 12 Questions and Answers
  • The Past, Present and Future
  • The Rules to Judge Astrological Zaicha by Na’zarat
  • Understanding with Sha’jra-o-Sa’mra
  • Clarification of Ah’kaam-e-Tas’lees
  • The Time Period Method by Daira-e-Mi’aad (When, How,)

When will I get a Job?
When will I get married?
When he will come back?
When she will meet me?
When my Court Case is final?
When missing person will come?
When I will get cure?
When I will die?
How I will die?
When I should start a Business?

  • The Name seeking Method by Daira-e-Huroof (Finding Names)

What is my Soul Mate Name?
Who cursed me?
Who will me married?
What is the name of Theft?
Who is my enemy?

  • The Directions and Destinations (Missing People and Stuff)

Where is he?
Where is the missing stuff?
Where I should travel?

Duration: 30 Days
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