Spiritual Healing Service

Spiritual Healing is a form of energy healing. We all have an energy system, which sometimes gets blocked during our daily lives. You are surrounded by loving and powerful angels who want to assist you in every area of your life. It is no coincidence that these beings of light have become so popular commercially. Our prayers for heavenly assistance are being heard and it is now time for us to accept the responsibility to heal ourselves, our lives, and our world.

During each session we will:

Purify and balance your entire energy system.
Channel illuminating messages from spirit.
Help you discover the source of your blockages.
Offer effective  tips and tools for keeping your energy harmonized and balance for daily upkeep.

Depending on what your soul is needing at this time, your Chakra healing may also include:

  • Karmic Cleansing
  • Clear Negative Beliefs and Programming
  • Soul Contract/Akashic Record Healing
  • Negative Etheric Cord Detachment
  • Negative Entity Removal
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Past Life Reading/Clearing
  • Healing activation unite your energies with a particular  Angels or Ascended Masters who wish to guide you further on your path and bless you with their wisdom and powers.
  • Reveal and clear the spiritual, mental, and emotional roots to dis-ease
  • Relationship Healing/Blessing
  • Journey/Visualization
  • Manifestation Work

Feel free to book a paid session and live a life with love, luck and harmony with peace.