Aqeeq Ring Benefits

Aqeeq stones have a very important position in Islam. It is a special gemstone for Muslims. As we know Mohammad Rasool Allah (S.A.W.) had a ring.

It is also important in other religions due to known as the oldest gemstone and has been in use from the time of Hz. Adam. It has been possible to find Aqeeq in different colors. Red, Green, White, milky white, yellow, black, and gray colors. It has more than a hundred types. But most powerful and highly sought after Aqeeq stones are the Yemeni aqeeqs, which is rare.

Aqeeq stone is a gemstone with lots of variations. It is a mineral from Quartz family. It is known as Agate in English and also known as Achates, Aqiq, Akik, Aqiq or عقيق نبات in different languages. It is possible to find Aqeeq in all colors however most popular and valuable ones are red, green and Sulemani Aqeeq colors. Red colors generally called as Yemeni Aqeeq however this is wrong. Yemeni only shows origin of Aqeeq. As we mentioned above it is very common stone and possible to find in different locations worldwide. Because of that Yemeni Aqeeqs are separated from Aqeeq stones due to it is high quality and value.

Wearing Aqeeq Rings helps and aids you by creating joy in your heart and is good for the eyesight and it also helps eliminate depression, sadness, and high tension as well as anger. This stone absorbs the rays of the sun and passes the absorbed stone to your body.(That is why it is very important that it is in contact with your skin.) Aqeeq stone is also good for your health, your fears and loneliness. It gives a sense of strength and courage.

  • As in Islam, believes that there are mountains of Aqeeq in Heaven. These mountains shade the palaces of Holy Prophet Bibi Fatima and Imam Ali. Forever praising & glorifying Allah (SWT).
  • If you wear Aqeeq stone as a ring or any jewelry (to carry easily, you can also carry stone only), your Rizq (sustenance, income) will be increased. You will be protected from black magic, dangers, and accidents. Aqeeq will also protect you from enemies.
  • The Holy Prophet of Islam Rasooallah has said whoever wears Aqeeq his wishes will be fulfilled. A hadith from Janabe Salman Farsi states that the last Prophet requested Imam Ali to wear a ring on the right hand so that he may be listed among the Muqarrabeen (those near to Allah). The Imam asked the Prophet as to whom the Muqarrabeen were, to which the Prophet replied Janabe Jibreel and Janabe Mikaiel. Then the Imam inquired as to which stone he should wear. The prophet replied Aqeeq Stone, as this liver red stone had accepted the Oneness of Allah. The Prophethood of the late Prophet, and the vicegerency of Ali ibne Abi Talib.
  • For Aqeeq Stone; Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb has said wear Aqeeq on your rings, you will be blessed and will be saved from afflictions.
  • About Aqiq Stone; Imam Jaffar e Sadiq has said that prayer with Aqeeq is 40 times better than one without.
  • For Aqiq; Imam Musa e Kazim said that it’s a great sawab to use tasbih of Aqeeq.
  • About Agate Stone; Imam Muhammad Taqi stated that Aqeeq takes away poverty and dissolves differences in one’s heart.
  • For Yemeni Aqiq; Imam Muhammad Baqar has stated that if a person possesses a ring set in Aqeeq and turns in towards his palm and then looks at it, and recites Surah Qadr (chapter 97), then Allah keeps him protected the whole day from trouble, wherever they are descended from heaven or earth and he will be protected until the evening by Allah, and Allah’s friend who will guide him.
  • Imam Reza has said, “Whoever wears a ring with an Aqeeq on it, firstly he will not become needy and secondly what God has destined for him, will be good.”

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