Ayat ul Kursi Ring for Protection

Ayat ul Kursi also known as the “Throne Verse” is not only one of the most known & most memorized verse in the Holy Quran but also one of the most
powerful Verses in the Holy Quran.

We made a Ring by Ayat ul Kursi for Protection, on Aqeeq ring, as Aqeeq also provide highest protection to the wearer. We invested days and nights in recitations and make such rings after a huge amount of recitations. This ring is prepared to be a great form of prevention against various types of spiritual issues one may face such as black magic,Jinn/Djinn/Demonic attacks, evil eye and psychic attacks. This ring also works as a great tool for protection from the negative energy people may bring towards you from their jealousy as well as hatred In Shaa ALLAH. A wonderful as well as beautiful ring with powerful protection properties for both spiritual protection and protection form the harm others can bring towards you In Shaa ALLAH.

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