Be an Intuitive Numerologist

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Navigating Life By Your Numbers for Success & Fulfillment with Numerology.

What you’ll learn
  • Have gained the skills to build a Personal Numerology Profile like a professional
  • Create a Personal Numerology Blueprint for practical direction on career, love, money, use of talents and gifts, as well as your impression and influence on others
  • Discover Personal Storyboards providing insights into how things got the way they are and direction for living intuitively
  • Assemble a Personal Almanac for planning your life and living your plan
  • Identify environmental vibrations and how to adjust them to enhance your life’s path toward your destiny
  • Help yourself and others view the present with greater clarity, detect hidden roadblocks, identify life trends, rid limiting patterns, improve relationships, and move forward with clarity and confidence
  • Course designed for all levels of intuitive experience.
  • Although course includes downloadable worksheets, you may want a journal for taking notes.

A simple Do-It-Yourself guide to all that the easy art of numerology can reveal about your close friends, family, and (most importantly) yourself!

By taking this course, you will learn this ancient and proven yet simple art of numbers with a modern and relevant twist. It’s designed for the complete beginner but also beneficial to those with some experience with the Numerology. You’ll gain the skills to create a personal numerology profile like a professional!

This course walks you through the simple steps to create a complete Personal Numerology Profile for providing accurate insights into yourself and others. Learn how to use numerology to help you make effective choices and move forward with clarity and confidence.

Through some fun and easy calculations based on your official birth name and date of birth, gain insights into the origins of your accomplishments, conflicts, and challenges. Why some areas of your life flow with a more natural ease while others such as love, money, career, or relationships seem to provide greater challenges and repeated lessons. Why you attract certain types of people or situations. And by identifying your innate strengths and weaknesses, learn how these have played a part in your joys and struggles. But more importantly, how you can use numerology to better your life.

  • Love: If you’re single, find how to choose your best partner from the beginning. And if you are in a relationship, learn what you bring and what you need for a healthy relationship.
  • Career: Discover if you are in your best vocation, profession, or focus of education.
  • Money: Recognize a favorable path for your financial future including insights into direction, as well as whether to staying the course or favorable timing for change.
  • Talents: Discover what you are naturally good at with the least amount of effort and how to utilize those talents for personal and professional success.
  • TimingPlan your life and live your plan recognizing your most favorable days for important events to the practical everyday tasks.
  • HomeLearn how to find a home that resonates with you. Can’t relocate? Discover simple tips for establishing a favorable vibe within your current home.
  • And more!

Better navigate your life’s path for attainable and sustainable success. Better adjust to the unexpected by selecting alternatives for dealing with road blocks and challenges based on your innate talents and wisdom along your life’s path.

So enroll and discover the opportunities of a life lived in-tune with your numbers!

Disclaimer: The course instructor/creator is not responsible for any interpretations and decisions made or used by the recipient of the information from this course. For financial issues, consult a tax or financial professional. For medical or mental health issues, consult a medical or mental health professional. For legal issues, consult a legal professional. Chemical abuse including and not limited to drugs or alcohol impacts the relevancy of the numbers. A person is not of one’s true essence when under the influence of any substance.