Surah Ikhlas (Aamil Course)

Surah Ikhlas is also known as Surah at-Tawheed. Tawheed means unity. So this Surah is all about explaining the Oneness of Allah which is the first pillar of Islam. The importance of Ikhlas can be judged by the following hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH): “Say: He is Allah, Absolute Oneness….., By Him in Whose hand my soul is, it is equal to one-third of the Quran!” (Bukhari)

So it is evident that one who recites Surah Ikhlas once shall be rewarded for reciting one-third of the Holy Quran. Once a companion of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:

“I really love this Surah (Ikhlas).”

The Holy Prophet answered:

“And your love for it will enable you to enter paradise.” (Tirmidhi)

Hence it is clear how important this Surah is. Its recitation can help you enter Paradise. What more could a Muslim ask for! Another hadith tells us how important Surah Ikhlas is in keeping us protected from evil.
“When you recite Surah Fatiha and Surah Ikhlas upon lying on your bed, you will be safeguarded and should become fearless of everything except death.” (Tafseer Mazhari)

So it is a really good habit to recite these two surahs before sleeping. Especially if this habit of reciting these two surahs is inculcated in children they would not fear to sleep and keep this habit with them forever.

One hadith tells us how important surah Ikhlas is in pleasing Allah and seeking forgiveness from him. It helps you to get love and protection of Allah.
“If anyone recites two hundred times daily, Qul huwallahu Ahad the sins of fifty years will be wiped out unless he is in debt.” (Tirmidhi)

Surah Ikhlas also helps eradicate poverty and bring blessings of Allah in your home. The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) once said:

“Whoever reads Surat qul hu-wallaahu ‘Ahad when he enters his house, poverty will be eradicated from the family of that household and neighbors.”

The Holy Prophet once advised a man to say Salaam and recite Surah Ikhlas upon entering his home. In a few days, it was observed that the man got rich.

The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) also encouraged the recitation of Surah Ikhlas when someone is on his deathbed as it increases the presence of angels at this time.

All these ahadith tell us the importance of Ikhlas for the Muslims.

Become an AAMIL of Surah Ilkhlaas

The Aamil of this Surah will have amazing qualities, and get following spiritual benefits:

His Spiritual Powers will be increased
He can solve Jadu, Jinnat, Demonic and Hexes cases
He can stop Enemies and bind them
He can solve Husband/Wife issues
He can solve Marriage & Love Issues.
He can give special solution for Job, Business Growth and Prosperity.
He will get Taskheer-e-Khalaiq
and much more.

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