11 Benefits of Reiki

There are many wonderful benefits of Reiki. Reiki is a very simple process, but usually produces quite profound effects. The main purpose of a reiki treatment is not only to support the physical body, but also to promote a positive mind so you can experience more joy in life. The great thing about reiki is that one does not have to be ill to experience the benefits. Some come to Reiki to help with their energy levels, managing the stress of daily life or when transitions are happening in their Read more [...]

Reiki Symbols & Meanings

Whether you practice Reiki regularly, have experienced a Reiki session, or have just heard about it, the ancient healing practice—which is based on the idea that energy can be transferred through touch—thereby jump-starting the mental, emotional, and physical healing process—is endlessly fascinating. One of the most important and interesting elements of Reiki is its symbols. Reiki symbols allow people to take their Reiki practice one step further by allowing them to take the energy of Read more [...]

Angel Numbers

Though we all have angels around us all of the time, our guardian angels do not always communicate with us in simple or clear ways that are easy to interpret and understand. Most of the time, angelic guidance comes in mysterious signs and uncanny synchronistic occurrences that one must be in alignment with to understand. Remember, angels are celestial beings who live in a realm that exists at a higher vibrational frequency than the physical world. Being celestial messengers of our highest truth, Read more [...]

The Parapsychology

Parapsychology is the scientific and scholarly study of three kinds of unusual events (ESP, mind-matter interaction, and survival), which are associated with human experience. Parapsychology is the study of paranormal or superhuman experiences and events, such as hauntings, near-death experiences, and alien abductions. In the present, parapsychology is considered a pseudoscience because it appears to be scientific but lacks any empirical evidence or scientific method to back up that claim. Yet, Read more [...]

Ism-e-Azam KHAAS

In our personal lives as well as on a global scale, we face challenges that test our emotional mettle: injury, illness, unemployment, grief, divorce, death, or even a new venture with an unknown future. It is easy to count our troubles rather than our blessings, but such an attitude undermines our ability to draw from the good that we have been given and to see our lives fundamentally as a gift. There is always a solution if we really wants to solve our issues. The Ism-e-Azam Khaas is the blessing Read more [...]

Numerology & Gemstones

Precious and semiprecious gems are used to heal mind, spirit and body. This is what is known as gem therapy. That’s why, carrying around the right gemstone can have a significant impact on your quality of life. One popular way of selecting gemstones is based on a numerology chart. Numerology is the ancient science of numbers that assigns a specific energy source to the number that rules your life. The Gemstone has been playing an imperative role in the field of numerology. There are 9 gems that Read more [...]

Name Numerology

Numerology is a sort of credence in a divine; it is also a study and art to figure out the relationships between all numbers. Numerology helps determine one’s value, character, norms, and future ideas. Mathematicians enlighten us that numbers are the expressions of the universe. Numerologists go so far to determine that the numbers in your daily life can specify what you are and what you need to do. With some easy computations, you’ll find the core numbers that provide clues about your own life. People Read more [...]

Numerology & Foods

We are, as you know, a lot of the world – good and different, but they all have something in common: every now and then eats. Do you know which foods are preferable for you and your loved ones? It depends on the nature of a particular consumer. In line with it, we will, in addition to the gastronomic pleasures, get so much more – a good mood, a good health, and even be able to develop the dormant talents. Not everyone will be able to adhere to this regime – so, from time to time have to go Read more [...]

Numerology is not Astrology

Astrology and Numerology are two different subjects. Astrology is studying of planets, movement of planets and their influence on human lives. It is related to Astronomy. Numerology on the other hand is about studying of numbers and their influence on human lives according to planets as well. Though both are different in many ways they are related as well. I do not use astrology, i am against of any kind of fortune telling and predictions, i only believe to make a better TODAY by solving present Read more [...]

Chinese Numerology

The Lo Shu Grid According to Chinese Numerology , its said for every person, four directions are auspicious and the other four are inauspicious, since every person’s biological and chemical cycles are determined according to his birth and remain unchanged till his death. By minutely analyzing the grid we can understand that each number represents a particular direction, a specific element, a relation-significator, and denotes the various life aspirations as follows: No. 1 North: Career prospects, Read more [...]

Be an Intuitive Numerologist

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Navigating Life By Your Numbers for Success & Fulfillment with Numerology. What you'll learn Have gained the skills to build a Personal Numerology Profile like a professional Create a Personal Numerology Blueprint for practical direction on career, love, money, use of talents and gifts, as well as your impression and influence on others Discover Personal Storyboards providing insights into how things got the way they are and direction for living Read more [...]