Dua-e-Naad-e-Ali (ناد علی) (Aamil Course)

Naad-e-Ali is a superior and powerful dua that has been constantly with Aamileen & Kaamlieen since century. Naad-e-Ali is a powerful dua and amal, and its Aamil can break any kind of Bundish “binding, hex” , Ghost, Jinn, Asaib, and also can break any kind of oldest curse or black magic.

The list go on, This dua also can be beneficial for betterment in financial conditions, Marriage issues, and all kind of health and life troubles.

This is stated by many Aamileen and Kaamlieen that Dua-e-Naad-e-Ali is a Jalaali Dua, one should give proper ZAKAAT “the 40 days recitation process to use the power of dua in hands and every amal”. This is also requested to do not give zakaat-e-sagheer or kabeer without any spiritual master permission. The interested people may Contact us to get proper permission to do zakaat under our guidance also if someone wants to get ijazah to use this dua for others may Contact us. Both Permission and Ijazah can be taken from us by paying its hadiya.