Financial Betterment

The financial problems are the major issue today, due to economic crises we are facing too many draw backs in our life. I got many questions about this, People are worry about Money, Business, Job, Promotion etc. This article based on House 2 because it’s associated with financial needs and feeds.

My client from states requesting to see if he can get financial betterment or not.

He has provided these numbers. 769 and 10.

By these 4 digits we got these figures: .

By these very first four figures we made this Geomantic Chart .

According to this Chart, if I check the house 1 figure it shows this figure  it means my querent facing a bad time at the moment. Now I will look at house 2 where I find this figure  that means my querent having financial problem and he hardly earn some money to support his family.

If the figure or  will be in house 2 so it means the person will get good finances but will spend as soon as it comes.

If the figure or  so it means the person face hand to mouth conditions and he/she has to sale his things to cover the needs.

If the one of these figures  so it means he will get a lot of money.

If there is  so it means so he/she will get hardly some money and still there is a chances to lost that money by robbery or wasted somewhere.

If there is or  so it means he/she will get some amount and not the full.

If there is or  so financial betterment will be done but after sometime.

If  will be there so it means he will not get money but after sometime he could receive some loan.

If there will be  so he will receive some money after too much efforts and hard work.

If there will be  so he will usually get the half from required money.

So there is a Saying “ The lack of money is the root of all evil ”. We should really care about it, if you are facing problems so you should seek guidance to get solutions too.

Good Luck!