This life is very difficult, You need a blessed Home where you stay with your family, The Home should be bless, It should be sufficient for living. You are buying a Flat, House OR taking on Rent. You should check if the house is sufficient for you or not. If the house is not good for you, there are chances of seen to unseen problems, Many houses are cursed, haunted, not suitable for everyone. It doesn’t matter if the house is new or old; the effects of house should be matched and checked before of shifting in that house. Sometimes Death, Health issues, financial problems, Marriage relations issues could be appear in our life if we are in such house that is not sufficient for us.

Today I am going to make a Zaicha to check the house of my client.

He likes a house and thinking about to purchase it but its costly so he will try to take it on a rent bases, He wants me to check this house if it’s sufficient for him and his family.

He gave me these numbers: 4, 3, 2, and 1. (Today I must explain that this is famous saying by some Ramal Teachers that a querent must provide numbers between 1 to 96, But i will pass my own comments due to my personal experience that a querent can provide the numbers between 1 to 999, now it’s a practitioners duty to convert every higher digit under the 16. Remember a perfect practitioner is not bound to draw a Zaicha only by Qur’aa OR Numbers, if he knows the secrets about a Zaicha he can use car numbers, date of births, or dot line methods as well as a Tasbih process too).

According to client’s number we got these figures to check that house.


Let’s draw a Geomantic Chart!

Today I am changing my theory to judge this Chart, I will first check the whole Chart by figures in their houses and effects first.

We have  figure in the first house. If this figure will be in the first house so it means that its right time for my client to purchase, shift house, start new business, overcome on pending business dealings and he will get rid from health issues as well as all are good with him right now and it’s the right time for him to bring more happiness in his life.

We have  this figure in the 2nd house it means the client will get success in his business dealings, promotions, and will receive money from some clients and he will also spend some money at this time which will be fruitful for him.

Now the 3rd house of Zaicha has this  figure , it means here the client will face some family disputes from his brothers and relatives and by that way he has to face the shifting of house and this might be a basic reason why he is wishing to buy a new house and came to me.

At the 4th house we have  figure, this shows the client will shift his house by the agreement of Parents, and its right time to move without fighting anyone as well as if he will not shift in this time so he could find some problems.

Now the 5th house figure is  . The client having some gifts from friends, and lovers and he will be happy for a time, By this way we may understand that the client also have some love affairs.

The figure of 6th house is  . Now this house with this figure showing some troubles, it says the client have some health issues and it can be increase and the cure will be delay, also the client has some secrets and have fear to not disclose before of time.

Our 7th house figure is  , Remember that this figure is repeating now, it has been mentioned in our 4th house and it repeated again, it shows here at the 7th house, the client going to do marriage secretly but he has fear from siblings, family etc. This is house we found Love Affair in 5th house and the secrets and fear signs in 6th house above, so the secret means here the Marriage.

This  is our 8th house figure, Oops! This figure shows the client has some loan and couldn’t pay on time, also something has been lost or snatch and he will not found. He might face some court cases too.

Our 9th figure is  . This figure shows in the 9th house that the client see some bad dreams now a days, also traveling is not good for him if he is wishing to travel for a business deal or some other matter, he also should try to come religious side so repent his sins.

The 10th house figure is  , this shows the signs of success if he will make right decisions at the moment so he can be successful.

11th house figure says, he will get marriage and the woman is rich enough (quite possible his business partner) and she will bring money in his life.

12th house figure is  , now its repeating again, this time its sign shows the client face difficulties by relatives, now second time we are seeing these words so may be the client already has a wife and trying to do second marriage secretly and this secret can be disclose and will be a reason to disturb the event.

I am not going to read the house number 131415, and 16. Because they are witnesses, I don’t need to read the whole Zaicha as if I can simply give the answer by locating 15th house and its figure, but I read 12 houses just to make you clear how we judge the client and his situations by houses and figures.

Yes off course we use our mental powers too; we have to see figures by their good or bad effects and houses with good or bad effects as well as their elements. This is a practitioner’s duty to see whole Zaicha, understand his/her client as much as he/she can, understand how to predict, how to tell the results with less words.

Now let’s come to the point, Checking House.

If one of these figures  are in 4th house so it means the house is sufficient for the family, finance and totally blessed.

If one of these figures  will be in the 4th house so it means the house is not sufficient also the house could be a cause if financial issues, health problems and death.

So the final answer is: You may buy this house as soon as possible or take it on a rent bases as this is your time to achieve your goals. As far as try to not travel to see this house or for business meetings until 30 days as the traveling is not good for you, also keep patience with siblings, wife, children, and parents and in business matters. Whatever you will start at this time will be sufficient for you to get success.

You must check your house if it’s not sufficient for you then change it as soon as possible!

Many Blessings for Everyone!