There is a great saying “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams “. The Ramal (The Geomancy) can answer of many such questions when you wish to know what’s in your spouse mind, Why he or she giving much attention? Is she or he cheating you? Is she loves me or not. I am personally against of these kinds of questions because LOVE HURTS. People pay for questions, I charge for answers, but sometimes I wish nobody ask anything & I never tell anything. We the Ramal practitioners around the world are physically same as you are, we have heart, we feel pain but we have to hide it because once you gain a blessing from GOD as a gift you have to use it at any cost. In life there is no CANT there is only CAN BE. There is nothing what will never happen; there was nothing that never happened, there is no thought to stop what is going to happen. It’s a rule of nature.

Today I am having a querent from California and she wants to know something about her love life. One thing I must share before to start this article, All Ramal Tableau (Zaicha) are real but I can edit any zaicha to explain it for my articles. My all articles are just to give awareness that how a Geomancer work so everyone of you should be ready when you visit The Ramal Practitioner.

Querent: I love someone but since a few days I am not getting his attentions, I need to know if this relationship will work out or not. My numbers are 55, 90, 7, and 56.

By these numbers I found these first four figures .

This is our Geomantic Chart (tableau).

As we check the 1st house first so I found  this figure, it shows the present condition of my querent that she is much depressed and sad, she can’t do any work due to this tension. This figure also showing some possibility that her prayers will be answered soon.

Querent: is he loves me or not?

To check this answer I will must see the 5th house figure, the house number 5 is associated with Love and the rule says:

A: if one of these figures  is in 5th house so it means he really loves her.

B: if one of these figures  is in 5th house so it means he only likes her, not love deeply.

C: if  will be in 5th house so it means he has nothing for her in his heart.

I found  in the 5th house , it means he really loves her.

Querent: Why he didn’t contact me since a week, will he contact me?

Now if there is a Good figure in 5th house so it means he will contact her soon, If Bad figure so he will not. We have  in 5th house and it’s a Good figure.

Me: Yes! He will contact you soon.

Querent: is it true that his parents are forcing him to get marriage with his cousin?

To check the TRUE /FALSE I will address the 5th house figure again, if this figure is Good so it means this news is true, Otherwise NO. As we already found  this figure in 5th house so it means the news is true.

Me: Yes! It’s true.

Querent: When we will meet again?

To find this question I have to use multiplications between first house figure and 5th house figure. Let’s try!

x = .

Now I need to multiply this with 4th house figure.

x = .

Our resulted figure is  and it’s a Good figure and it means these both will meet somewhere soon.

Querent: will we get married?

If the 7th house figure will be one of these figures .

so it means they will get married.

I found this  figure in your 7th house; it says you both will get married.

So finally she got a proper answer today and at least now there is nothing to being upset. This how we should check everything we are dealing with in life . In love matters, if things are not working so please check the outcomes before its too late.

Love and Blessings for Everyone!