How to make Lo Shu Grid?

This special Square called “Magical Square” in Chinese Numerology and in Ilm-ul-Aadad we called it “Zaaicha” which used Naqsh-e-Musallas , However Lo Shu Grid has limited methods to judge a date and situation but in Ilm-ul-Aadad we use wide varieties of methods in same Square according to time and day by day needs.

This 9 box square-shaped design which consists of 9 numbers from 1 to 9 with 3 rows and 3 columns. Total of each row and each column sums to 15. it is considered as sacred square.

Understanding ODD & EVEN numbers.

This is like Positive & Negative energies about Numeric vibrations on each life.
The ODD numbers are ( 1,3,5,7,9)
The EVEN numbers are ( 2,4,6,8)

Although some numerologists count 11 , 33 also as ODD numbers and 22 under EVEN numbers. But my experiences according to Ilm-ul-Aadad are very different according to Master numbers 11,22,33 etc.

The Chinese numerologists take this study as Yin & Yang numbers. According to Chinese theories Yin and Yang must be balanced. The Yin and Yand are complementary and inseparable. It seems impossible to imagine one without the other. So if at any point Yin is too strong Yang will be in the future and seek balance.

The numbers are associated with elements.

No.1 Represents Water Element
No.2,5,8 Represents Earth Element
No.3,4 Represents Wood Element
No.6,7 Represents Metal Element
No.9 Represents Fire Element

We can better understand the use of this grid through an example.
For instance, let’s take up the case of a person whose date of birth is 12.07.1965 and write out his numbers in the Lo Shu grid and analyze it.

Then after putting the whole date of birth digits, we will calculate date of birth which is 12, and make it single digit.


we will add 3 also in our grid.

Now we will make a complete total of entire date of birth including date, month, year and get final digit.

1+2+7+1+9+6+5= 31
3+1= 4

and write out his numbers in the Lo Shu grid .

As you see, THE WILL PLANE is strong in this Lo Shu Grid, that means the person has strong will power and as number 1 comes twice, so he has communicative nature,

Number 5 explains him as a caring and positive person and number 9 shows his intelligent skills.

The an other vertical plane 2,7,6 strongly filled in this Lo Shu Grid and shows the person’s ability to put his thoughts into action. Although Mental Plane of 4,9,2 represents the head of a person. It includes thinking, creating, imagining and analyzing.

The number 4 explains stability of this person. he has the quality of handicrafts and he gives birth to new works of art with the power of ideas. He can be a Good Designer, Sculptor. He is practical and imaginative person and he believes on in-dependency and hard-work, whatever he will start will bring it to the end.

The number 3 comes once in his Lu Shu Grid which tells us his Sharp minded nature. He has the power of leading. He will achieve success in life with gradual growth.

Although missing number 8 people find it difficult to make financial decisions, he will has a lot ups and downs in life and he needs to care about health and wealth.

This is just an example of making a Lo Shu Grid and examine. Later we will make detailed grids and will analyze every thing .