How to practice TELEPATHY?

Have you ever thought of someone only to receive a text from that same person moments later? It might have been a funny coincidence, but the truth is, it could have been the power of your own telepathy. “Telepathy is the ability to communicate thoughts and/or ideas by means other than the five senses children learn in about in school—seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching,” psychic and clairvoyant, Davida Rappaport tells HelloGiggles. According to Rappaport, telepathy is a non-verbal way to communicate with others.

Telepathy can help during those times when you don’t know what to say or how to say it. Maybe you fear of being unheard or rejected. Maybe it doesn’t feel right to pick up the phone with your ex, but you still want to say what’s in your heart. “It’s not always possible to say the things we need or want to say to someone in our material world.

How to practice telepathy:

The great thing about telepathy is that it can be done (or practiced) by anyone. “Everyone has the ability to send thoughts and ideas to others, but not many people realize they have this ability or are doing it consciously.

The experts we talked to suggest practicing telepathy on a partner or a family member first. Why? According to Mystic Michaela, telepathy works best when you already have a connection or bond with someone, like family, friends, and romantic relationships, since you’re more likely to be telepathically communicating to them already on some level (even if you don’t realize it!). It’s about first paying attention to the telepathy that’s already occurring between people you surround yourself with.

1. Begin in a meditative state.

“Sit in a meditative state, and visualize [a person you want to connect with] sitting or standing in front of you,” she says. “Picture sending them love, gratitude, or a feeling of urgency. Take that feeling, and see it as a state of energy that can travel to them.

2. Send small messages to someone you care about.

To enhance a dream telepathic connection, Mystic Michaela says before you go to sleep, ask your higher self to “visit” their consciousness and give a message. “Start to send messages to someone through your thoughts and states of mind. Ask them to communicate back to you in this state that they did indeed receive the message you sent out,” she says.

3. Be ready to hear back from others.

Mystic Michaela says you’ll be surprised by how many phone calls or texts you get the next day. “They may tell you how much you’ve been on their mind, or how they felt compelled to reach out to you today. They may randomly ask you if everything is okay or you need anything,” she says. If it’s someone who isn’t in your daily life anymore, the contact might be more passive. “They may like a post on social media or suddenly DM you a little hello,” she adds.

4. Be patient.

Most of all, when it comes to telepathy, Rappaport says it’s important to be patient. “Like learning a new skill, it will take time to get good at it. Thoughts are powerful, so repetition is a good thing,” she says. “While some people may be better senders than receivers, others may be better receivers than senders, and some people are equally good at sending and receiving.”

5. Find a psychic mentor.

Lastly, says Donnelly, make sure you are practicing good spiritual hygiene. “Meaning that you are taking care of yourself throughout your psychic development. That is part of why taking classes, hiring coaches, and guides are so important,” Donnelly says. “You need to be able to release things that are not yours such as ideas, fears, thoughts, and more from the collective, with love, of course. That can take practice and having a mentor can really help!”

Telepathy exercises:

Ask your partner to pick up something from the store.

Rappaport recommends another easy exercise the next time your partner goes to the grocery store after work. “Even if you don’t meditate or have problems relaxing, just clear your mind and repeat the sentence multiple times, ‘Why don’t you pick up ___________ on your way home?’ You can even visualize them doing it. Then let it go,” she says. If it worked, you’ll soon find out that your partner picked up your favorite snack without you even having to tell them. If not, simply try again.

Guess the name of who’s calling.

Another easy way to practice, she says, is to try tapping into who is calling you. “I know we all have caller ID, but when it rings, before you look at who it is, feel into it and see if you already know. The more you play around and practice, the more you will realize you are often right.”

Benefits of telepathy:

According to Donnelly, you start to see larger patterns in your life the minute you begin to use telepathy. “You begin to understand that things happen with and for you, not to you,” says Donnelly. “Things start to be part of a beautiful tapestry, even the hard stuff.”

“Instead of perceiving life as a string of random things that happen by chance, you begin to take other people’s actions less personally and realize that we are actually moving in concert with each other, the Earth, and the stars,” she adds. “It is a gift and a form of communication that will help you stay calm and focused as we move forward in these externally chaotic times.”

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