Hurdles in Love Marriage | علم الرمل

The Hurdles in love marriage is a vast issue today, where both parties can not decide what outcome can be in future. The example of this subject we made this Ramal Chart for a client, where we will explore the reasons and outcomes behind this issue.

The very first four figure are : .

The 4 figures guided us to the complete Chart, that will become like this.

The main house having بیاض in it, although house 15 showing اجتماع , This shows the marriage will be done, the clear chances are showing by these two judgement, House 7 and 3 presenting قبض الخارج and عتبتہ الخارج , that indicates the relatives will not interfere and there will not be any problems from their side.

if we multiply 1st house and 7th house figures, we will get لیحان which is associated with مشتری “Jupiter” that is beneficial for both people. The 14th house showing طریق That shows the disappointment between girl and boy according to marriage,But, The marriage will be done , after some arguments. So sometimes, we can not understand situations, and we reject our choices due to parents, or relatives interference, but This kind of Ramal Chart can be helpful to make any serious decision. It’s better to seek answers before taking life based decisions.