Islam and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction basically states that individuals will attract to themselves that which is in harmony and resonance with their dominant vibrational state.

In other words, if you are happy, in joy and in gratitude, you will naturally attract to yourself positive events and circumstances that are in vibrational harmony with your positive pscyho-spiritual state.

Conversely, if you are angry, frustrated, stressed and unhappy, you will likewise attract to yourself negative events and circumstances that are correspondingly vibrationally synchronous with a negative energetic state.

Hence, it is of paramount importance for an individual, especially for a Muslim who is seeking to understand Islam and the Law of Attraction for the purpose of spiritual development and personal success, to continually manage his or her state of being.

Islam is a path of personal growth and spiritual development, ultimately culminating in awakening to the Divine Presence of God.

Based upon the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, this path of personal development is known as at-tariqah, and is also referred to in Arabic as tazkiyyat an-nafs, or “Purification of the Self,” and in English as Sufism.

The Prophet  taught that the means to such purification is a way known as al-Islam, or the “way of surrender”, and that through spiritual surrender, a human being will ultimately become purified of the source of negativity, fear and anger, that source being the ego-mind.

To give up the egoic will, all you have to do is not complain about what is. Be aligned with the Isness — people, situations, whatever — this is already as it is. It’s the inevitability of Is. Become friendly with what Is, and you become intelligent for the first time…

With the simple act of surrender to the inevitability of the present moment, another energy comes. You could call that Universal Will, you could call that Intelligence, you could call that the creative solution to whatever the so-called “problem” is. You could call that Power coming in, that is greater than the limited power of your mind…

You and the Universe become one, and as such It creates through you as this form. That’s the beauty of it. When the Unmanifested flows into this world, It assumes form… When the simple act of surrender opens your mind, it can then be used as an instrument. Then, a thought may come in that is original and fresh and new. That is the birth of form. The birth of thought creates the birth of form. The Universe uses you as a vehicle or a channel through which to create. You are one. It can use your mind, and become thought, words, physical things. That’s the way in which the mind can actually be a helpful tool — alignment with the greater Intelligence, the One Consciousness.

It all starts with the present moment, and your relationship with the present moment. Friend or enemy? Are you allowing it, or are you fighting it, resisting it? That’s the end of ego — because the ego needs resistance. The ego survives through complaining, it survives through denying, or wanting something else.

Once thus purified, a human being realizes the intrinsic buoyancy, goodness and grace of life, and his or her attitude naturally becomes one of health and happiness. Based upon the principles of Islam and the Law of Attraction, such an individual effortlessly and automatically attracts the bounty and providence of the Universe.

God has stated, “My servant draws not near unto Me with nothing more loved by Me than the spiritual practices I have enjoined upon him, and as My servant continues to draw near unto Me with superogatory spiritual practices, I shall love him.

When I love him, I become the hearing with which he hears, the seeing with which he sees, the hand with which he strikes and the foot with which he walks. Were he to ask something of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant it.”

— Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Hadith Qudsi [Bukhari]

Such individuals are often referred to as Awliya, or the “Friends of God”, meaning they are friendly with what is, with Divine Will as it manifests in each and every moment.

Behold! Verily, upon the Friends of God there is no fear, nor do they grieve, they who believe and who are God-Conscious and Present.

— Surah Yunus (Holy Quran, 10:62-63)

Islam and the Law of Attraction: The Power of Your Paradigm

Allah swt has said, “I am to My servants as they expect Me to be.”

— Prophet Muhammad ﷺ [Hadith Qudsi]

At the heart and soul of the Islamic spiritual path is the principle of personal responsibility. We are taught in the Holy Qur’an that “each soul will face what it hath sent forth,” that each soul will experience the results and consequences of its actions. Yet before all else, we must first take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions, for these serve as the foundation for all actions that emanate from us.

Islam first and foremost seeks to establish a proper paradigm with which to view the world and interact with creation. The basis and foundation of this paradigm is the eternal testament to truth, “There is no god but Allah,” and all that naturally corresponds from this.

We are clearly and definitively taught that GOD is Good, Merciful, Compassionate, Loving, Forgiving, Supportive, Giving, Generous and of Infinite Bounty. Thus, Islam and the Law of Attraction teach that a believer must engage the world with faith and with confidence, expecting success, abundance and prosperity in accordance and in alignment with Divine Nature and Divine Will.

When we approach life and living from this place of positive expectation, as is right and indicative of true faith and belief, not only are we naturally happier, more confident, joyous and grateful, but we also naturally attract to ourselves circumstances that correspond with this paradigm based in positive belief.

However, when we approach life with an attitude limited by fear, doubt and disbelief, it is no surprise that our lives become more difficult, dominated by negative events and circumstances. When operating from a negative paradigm, it is not surprising that the harder we struggle, the faster we sink.

Yet there is a way out of this downward spiral, and as counter intuitive as it may seem, it requires us not forcing solutions, but rather effecting internal change, and thus taking control of our external circumstances by first taking control of our internal psycho-spiritual state, first and foremost correcting our paradigm.