Learn Tratak

Tratak meditation method is one very powerful ancient practice that can help a person to make some very significant spiritual progress. People also call it fixed gazing meditation because this technique is all about fixing your eye and focus on external objects so that you could use it as an instrument to become more aware of your mind activities. This meditation requires you to be persistent with your efforts for a very long time before you expect to see any significant change in yourself.

Tratak has various forms but we teach with a special method that shows the results very fast.

ratak Meditation Benefits

  • Provides greater ability to focus.
  • Increases will power.
  • Allows you to be more intuitive.
  • Opens doors for spiritual insights.
  • Makes you a highly conscious and aware person.
  • Helps you to achieve inner peace and unconditional love state.
  • Enables you to have desires of higher nature.
  • Equips you with the power to influence others with your thoughts and words “Telepathy“.
  • Makes the practitioner more creative and confident.
  • Improves eyesight.
  • Effective in activating one’s energy centers (chakras).

To learn this this special method and get a successful spiritual insights you may Contact us for price and procedure.