The Ramal (Geomancy) also tells about magical effects, curses, bindings, demonic possessions etc. Today we are living in such a world where everyone trying to search the causes of his/her failures, Spiritualist are busy to provide different solutions, But sometimes we have to think seriously that Are We Really Infected OR it’s just a game of weak Faith? Exactly not all magicians and spell casters are busy to casting on you, and not your enemies have such amount to keep paying those guys. Then there is a simple thing to find out if you are under any Magical, Curses or Possession Effects , as far as it gives you a moment with peace of mind then you can better understand what to do and not.

Ms. Zee from United States requested to know if she is under any magical effects as she is facing circumstances in her life since a longtime.

Ms.Zee provides these numbers. 11, 13, 1, 2

We will find out the related figures from Daira now!

The related figures are   .

After making the Zaicha, we will apply two basic rules to judge if there is any magical effects or not.

The Rule 1: If there are these figures in the 6th house so it means there is magical effect and the person has been cursed.

The Rule 2: If there are Kha’rij OR Bad figures like or in the 6th house so it means there are magical effects and the person is under effects. There are many ways to check and judge these kind conditions but I simply wrote the two basic rules for my audience.
So finally according to Rule 2 we have found  in the 6th house which means the Ms.Zee is a victim of magical effects and this is a major cause behind her failure since many years. This figure also tells the condition of the victim that he/she is under fear, irritations, and become mentally sick.

Ms .Zee asked: What is the condition of my house is it infected?

For this answer we will see the house number 4, if there is figure  so it means the house has been possessed by Jinnat (Djinn) Asaib etc. We have found this figure in Ms.Zee’s Zaicha so her house is not safe anymore.

Ms. Zee Asked : am I possessed by Jinnat , AsaibD-Jinn ?

To check this answer I will see if there is figure in the 1st house and 9th house OR if it presents only in 9th house so it means she is also possessed but I didn’t find this figure in 1st house OR 9th. Remember that the house 4th is also associated with business, shop, and where you do work or the place of earnings, if the figure  presents at this 4th house so it means there are bindings (Bundish) and business, job, work cannot be good at all.

Ms.Zee asked: What kind magical effects have been done on me?

Now I will check if there are fire figures of the 2nd and 12th house, so it means some talismans or rituals used to be burn in against of Ms.Zee , I didn’t find any such figure in the 2nd house but in 12th house I found  that is related to fire figures but remember that if the both of figures will be with fire elements so it’s a sign of burning something in against of the victim. If these two figures will be with the air elements so it means something has been tie over the air, with water element means threw in the water, and with earth element figures associate the buried in graveyard or somewhere like this.

Ms.Zee asked: Why someone did this to me?

I will check the 2nd and 9th figures again and if they are different with their elements and benefits so the signs will be different, for example if both are BAD figures so it means the magical spell has been cast in against of Ms.Zee just to destroy her house, herself and business, if both are GOOD figures so it means just someone wishing to make her own like in Love or Lust, if one figure is BAD and second is GOOD so it means someone is from family or friends who is jealous enough and behind of this relation he/she is an enemy.

In the same time we could find the person’s relation and his/her name too but it’s better to give the cure and don’t try to call out the person’s name , in most of cases I found your very own people cast spells on you, like wife, husband, son, son in law, friend, business partners and sometimes a lover , and in some cases the living place like house, flat or land could be haunted and this can be harmful for you. So Be Carefully.

May Allah Safe Everyone!