Numerology is not Astrology

Astrology and Numerology are two different subjects. Astrology is studying of planets, movement of planets and their influence on human lives. It is related to Astronomy. Numerology on the other hand is about studying of numbers and their influence on human lives according to planets as well. Though both are different in many ways they are related as well. I do not use astrology, i am against of any kind of fortune telling and predictions, i only believe to make a better TODAY by solving present issues to have an excellent TOMORROW as future. Nobody can predict your future, somehow coincidences are everywhere but it doesnt mean a person can know what is going to happens, however its possible that Allah shows some signs by ULOOM-E-QIYAAS that what could be happen through ilm-e-adad, ilm-e-ramal, and ilm-e-jaffar or any of such kind spiritual practices, but the one who uses these uloom for forecast,predictions, and fortune telling, wasting his time & energies into wrong directions.

Numbers do play a big role in our lives. Numbers are everywhere and you can’t live without numbers. When you get up at 6 o clock, the number 6 comes in and then till you retire to bed, you come across numbers several times in your daily life. As per Numerology numbers can influence your life. Your date of birth can tell something about your characters and your future. Numerology can help you to find your lucky numbers, lucky colors, lucky gem stones and lucky names.

You can use Numerology to choose right name for your baby. Sound has positive or negative effects. If you have a good name, when many people call you, you get positive vibrations and that will do good to your life. Similarly a bad name can have a negative impact on your life. You can use Numerology for your name correction. You can change your name and get good results. Gemstones are energy sources of planets. For example Ruby is prescribed to activate Sun’s good impact on you. Ruby is a gemstone that mainly absorbed the rays of Sun for millions of years. Similarly Blue sapphire mainly absorbs the rays of the planet Saturn. You can use your lucky numbers in many areas in your life and get benefits.

Note: I only can try to help you in your present problems and solutions to make a better future by correcting this present, other than this, i reject all queries regarding forecasting and fortune telling.