Nuqtah – Past Present Future

This is another article based on Ahkaam-e-Nuqtah and second part of our Nuqtah series. We will understand that how we can know our Past, Present & Future. The depth we always discuss in our Courses, not on website articles, the website is just to show our work and how truly we can use this knowledge to get guidance by Ramal and apply in our life.

Everyone wish to know every answer of his/her questions. The Ramaal who knows this ILM perfectly can read whole life of the querent .

The thing we need to understand here is: Every Nuqtah has 4 required POINTS.

1 – Past
2 – Present
3- Future
4- Unknown

We know our Past, We understand the Present, We can assume about future.

But UNKNOWN is a kind of situation we never guess, it means we are unaware what is going to happens or happening with us.

In normal life, you already know you were feeling sick yesterday, today you are completely sick and having flu, fever, and you believe that you could be more sick if you will not visit doctor today, But you don’t know what UNKNOWN happens , happening, or happened so you got this situation of fever and flu.

Fair enough?

What?  Need more explanation?


Every figure that will be cover finally in Maratib-e-Hashtgana will be querent’s first figure, and will have 4 more figures associated with Past, Present, Future and Unknown.

Let’s understand by an example now.

This is our Zaicha

We moved Nuqtah-e-Aatish , That reached at 11th Figure’s fire point, then 5th figure’s fire point and finally reached at 1st house figure.

Now we will look at Maratib-e-Hashtgana.

The first figure we got (lay’haan) this is querent first figure and now we will deduct the 4 required points those we call as Past, Present, Future and Unknown.

The Simple Rules

Every Nuqtah has 4 levels,
The first Nuqtah of selected figure will be Past.
The second figure of selected figure will be present

The same level figure on second element will be his future

The same level of 4th element will be his UNKNOWN SITUATION

Our selected figure is .

Its past will .

Its present will be  .

Its future will be .

finally the unknown “Ghay’bana” will be .

I highlighted in Maratib-e-Hashtgana.

Now we will see the querent’s past , present , future and unknown happenings by these figures in our main zaicha.

As The past figure found in 3rd and 5th house of our main zaicha.
As the present figure found in 2nd house of zaicha.
As the future related figure found in 9th house of our Zaicha
As finally we found our Unknown situation figure in 12th house.

Can you see how Zaicha changed deeply in Ahkaam-e-Nuqtah.

Al Ramal is a secret knowledge and always comes with divine guidance.

May Allah Shower His Countless Blessings Upon Everyone.

Ameen Ya Rab ul Aalameen