NUQTAH (The Money Situation by Nuqtah-e-Ramal)

The Nuqtah is a hidden and secret part in Ilm-e-Ramal and discussed under the soul part of Ramal That called AHKAAM-E-NUQTAH.

The year 2020 and 2021 messed up many businesses and economical improvements. The present article based on that example, where a client business man wants to ask his condition , will it be better or not in future.

Question: Is there any improvement in my financial conditions in future?

We found these first 4 figures.


This is our Zaaicha (Tableau)

Now we will trace Nuqtah from the second ORDERING POINT to end wherever it ends, then we will judge the figure in Maraatib-e-Hashtgana.

After traveling the NUQTAH, we will answer that, The business man will face ups and downs in business, however because the figure s stronger then things will be much better in future due to business and economy.