Once upon a time

It’s mentioned in history that Prophet Daniyaal (AS) was sitting in the desert and worried about the situation and he suddenly took his hand over the sand so these signs appeared due to his four fingers, in the same time Jibreel (AS) came and inserted his fingers along the finger signs of Prophet Daniyaal (AS) then this figure appeared , the first called “T’reeq” and the second figure  called “Jama’at” the real face of jama’at is like this .

Prophet Daniyaal (AS) made 14 figures more by the help of first two figures. Basically the first figure having 4 dots  each dot associated with an element. The first dot associated with Fire (A’tish) second dot associated with Air , third dot associates the element Water and finally fourth will be an earth element.

.  Fire
.  Air
.  Water
.  Earth

So it’s finally .

Creation of the whole 16 figures becomes a circle (Daira) and this special circle created by Prophet Daniyaal (AS) and this daira also called Daira-e-Daniyaali and also named as Daira-e-Abdah due to its Arabic alphabetical calculation according to elements.
The first element Fire will be (ا)
The second element Air will be (
The third element Water will be (
The fourth element Earth will be (

Remember that the first figure is “Abu-ul-Ashkaal” and the second figure called “Umm-ul-Ashkaal”.

Because we are getting the rest of fourteen figures by the help of these very first two figures.

The Ramal based on Dairah-e-Abdah & Dairah-e-Sikan.

This Daira-e-Sikan’s figure adjusted on the Ramal’s Tableau by default. Each figure has its own house like the house number 1 will be a house of figure Layhaan and house number 2 will be the house for Qabz-al-Dakhil.

I have attached Ramal figure fonts; you must install them to view Daira-e-Sikan and its figure.

The Ramal Necessaries

The student must care about to gather the necessary tools.

  • Qirr’a (The Ramal Dice )
  • Pen or Pencil & Paper for Practice
  • The Protection Charm or Prayer to be protected while you are drawing Ramal Zaicha
  • A quite place or a room where you perform your practice.
  • Keep things secure and keep at safe place where nobody else can touch your stuff.