Complete Zaicha

Complete Zaicha based on 12 astrological houses and its related questions, The Complete Zaicha covers your whole situations regarding your questions. Which provides the possible answers of your unanswered questions with their solutions. The questions like Finding Names, Missing Stuff/Person/ Soul Mate, and Time Periods of Marriage, Success etc, will also cover in this Zaicha. Get the Solutions of Your All worldly or spiritual problems in a form of Talismans and Be Happy , Be Protected from unwanted Read more [...]

Khudam Magical Talisman

This is one of the powerful and proven Arabian magical talisman for personal gain in occult manner. It is also known as the magical charm for the successful, wealthy and victorious because of its multipurpose effective uses . Associated with the 33 khodam spirits familiar this Arabian charm can serve for many wonderful purposes for a user .The benefits of this talisman are - It grants a user victory over almost anything and your efforts are rewarded with success. Releases you from the hardships Read more [...]

Faal Nama Ramal

The ancient Arab and Persians usually seek FAAL in old times, the word فال coming from Persian language and it means divination. The Ramal Scholars transferred such secret methods of divinations where we never needed to make a zaicha to provide answers or we could know by our own question's answers by those methods. They all secret methods are genuine and precious and it's a responsibility of a keeper to use them only with permission of his master and hide from uneducated people.
The methods comes Read more [...]

Signs and Symbols

Use of Signs and Symbols as Important Forms of Communication
Signs. They're everywhere. Though this statement is in no way enlightening, it is none the less very true. Within our culture, we are so completely surrounded by signs of all types that they become nearly invisible unless they are looked for. Though this likely seems true to you upon some reflection, it is just as likely that you have only considered "signs" in the most basic literal sense, that is, signs such as those that offer directions Read more [...]