Sufi Muraqbah

Muraqaba is the Science of Sufi Meditation. It’s more like visualization/image practice based on the Name of Allah or the deep visualization or watching of the Sufi Master’s face. The Word means observe, guard or control or vigilance or being aware, in this context referring to controlling and guarding one’s thoughts and desires. Muraqaba or visualisation is setting aside some private time to sit and reflect on Allah meaning-( al-the ilah-God Allah is a proper noun , there is only One and Read more [...]

Energy and Protection

Keeping the negative energy away is our whole path, our path is based on that. To give a little sort of summary of what we are trying to accomplish is an internal protection and external protection. External and internal protection are related. It means that the strength of the internal protection and the practices begins to create a field of energy that protects us externally. So the internal practices would involve washing, the understanding of how to wash, the understanding of what to eat and Read more [...]

We are Energy Beings

In Sha Allah, in a very simplified and very basic language, doesn’t have to be complicated, but has to be understood. That we are a people who are understanding energy. A good and solid understanding of energy should lead to a happy life, In Sha Allah, a guarded and protected life, In Sha Allah. That it becomes so simple in our day and in our time, when you reduce everything to the understanding of energy. That everyone has an energy and there is so many energies surrounding us, that we are an Read more [...]

Understanding of Muraqaba (Meditation)

Muraqaba is a sufi term that means fear, to inspect, to watch over, to take care of, to control, to look at one’s inner world, to be entranced, to think of the aim at all times, to look at Allah with the heart at all times, to keep the soul under control in order to protect the heart from bad deeds, to know that Lord knows every state of a person, to dismiss everything from one’s mind and be ready to receive inspiration from Allah by kneeling down and closing the eyes. The gist of the teachings Read more [...]