Pendulum Dowsing For Divination.

There are many different definitions of divination, and often they describe the practice of fortune telling. But I want to be clear here. I neither believe in nor support fortune telling. I believe that we have the power to shape our own futures. No path is set in stone until we decide to shape it. Instead, divination to me is a form of gaining insight into a question or situation. Divination can also help the seeker to foresee the potential outcome of a choice or decision. Therefore, I personally approach any form of divination as a method of gaining higher knowledge, mental clarity, and spiritual/material guidance.

As everyone knows our specialization is into Ilm-ul-Ramal (The Origins Of Geomancy), & we are good enough to use it, teach it to others. But so many times, people ask us for other divination techniques and tools, so we use to write such articles for knowledge.

Dowsing with a pendulum digs deeps into our spiritual aura to reveal our intentional path and purpose. Whether with a beautiful crystal pendulum or some other homemade design, you can learn how to access divine messages and to trust the answers they carry. The basic form of a pendulum consists of a string or chain with an object hanging from it. Indeed, that means a pendant necklace or even a toy yo-yo counts as a pendulum! In other words, we can easily access pendulum energy from anywhere because of their simplistic form.

We can easily make pendulums for energetic cleansing and healing by taking something weighted, even as light as a bead, and tying it to string, yarn, or some sort of strand that can freely move when dangled – stiff wire won’t work. Magnets should never be used as a pendulum or attached to them during dowsing.

Once procured, a pendulum can work to receive subconscious or divine messages and send them to the pendulum user. These messages may entail directions to guide our intentions or consist of cleansing energy to dismantle negativity and evil.

How Does it Work?

Do we receive answers by magic? By spirits? By psychic powers? My preferred answer is that the dowsing pendulum works by connecting us to the unconscious mind, also known as the Akashic Records.

When we ask a question, our unconscious mind responds by influencing the nerve endings in our fingers causing the pendulum to swing in response. In other words, our body outwardly expresses our inner knowing.

Using a dowsing pendulum is one of the easiest forms of divination, making it suitable for virtually anyone to practice. You definitely don’t need to be ‘psychic’ to use it!

What Sort of Pendulum Do I Need?

There are a variety of pendulums available for dowsing, but you certainly don’t have to buy a posh, expensive pendulum to get good results. In fact, the type of pendulum you choose depends in part on what feels right for you. Many people choose to use a crystal pendulum. Clear quartz, for example, is a popular choice, as the crystal is associated with clarity and connecting to a higher purpose. Amethyst, which has a strong connection with the spiritual, is often popular too, as is a pendulum with the calming properties of a rose quartz crystal. Ultimately, whatever your favourite crystal, or the one you feel more drawn to, can be used on a pendulum, as long as it is rounded or pointed at one end. In fact, you could even have more than one pendulum if you wish, with different crystals on them, to use on different occasions. When you are starting out for the first time, you can practice the basic concepts by using a do-it-yourself or handmade pendulum if you wish. For example you could use a rounded glass bead, a metal ball or even a key suspended on the end of a simple piece of cord. When you know you want to try more work with a pendulum, you can then upgrade to a better, professionally made pendulum. We also make special Pendulum with specific Chanting (Spirit) method & it works very fast and authentically.

Before you embark on having a go at using a pendulum, it’s advisable to cleanse it first and charge it with your own energy. The easiest way to cleanse your pendulum for dowsing is to put it on a windowsill in direct sunlight for a day, so it catches the rays of the sun. To charge it with your energy, hold the pendulum in your hands, closing your hands around it. Then spend a short time (5 to 15 minutes will be fine) sitting quietly, with your eyes closed, focusing your energy on your pendulum. If you’d like to, you can say a pray or ask your spirit guides or guardian angels for their support and guidance when using the pendulum. Once your pendulum is cleansed and charged, it’s a good idea to keep it somewhere safe. Many people like to wrap their pendulums in silk or pop them in a small velvet bag for safekeeping.

How to Get Started With Using a Pendulum

Anyone can have a go at using a pendulum, but the main criteria is that you need to start with an open mind and put any doubts to one side. The string, chain or cord of the pendulum should be held between your thumb and forefinger in which ever hand feels most comfortable. Some pendulums have a small metal loop or ring at the top of the chain which can make it easy to hold. Ideally the pendulum chain shouldn’t be too long, especially when you’re first getting started, so if it seems too long or of you’ve got excess string or chord, then you can wrap it lightly around your index finger. When you’re ready to start, sit with your pendulum held between the thumb and forefinger of one hand and run your other hand down the length of the pendulum chain or cord, bringing your hand to rest with the bottom tip of the pendulum in your upturned palm. The pendulum should now be completely still and you can move the hand away from the bottom of the pendulum. As you move it away, the pendulum will probably start moving. This is perfectly normal.

Try and be as relaxed as possible (the more relaxed your are, the better your flow of energy will be) and sit watching the pendulum whilst it moves. It may come to a halt after a while and you can begin to have a go at determining the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response of your pendulum. Ask your pendulum out loud or in your mind, ‘Please show me a YES response.’ Take time to watch the response – it may only be minor at first, but this is normal, as it takes time to get to know how your pendulum interacts with you. Pause for a while, then try the same again asking for the pendulum to show you a NO response. Don’t worry if you can’t tell much difference from the yes and no responses yet – this is perfectly normal at first and you should get to be able to tell the difference with the more practice you get. For example, some pendulums will make wide circular movements in response to ‘yes’ and backward or forward swings in response to ‘no’. It’s helpful to repeat this exercise again, several times, before you’re happy with what your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ pendulum responses are. Sometimes they can change over time and, if someone else uses or inspects your pendulum, you may need to do it again to recharge it with your energy.

What Type of Questions Can I Ask the Pendulum?

The pendulum responds better to questions where there are ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. When you’re starting out and practising, try asking simple questions, like,’ Is today Tuesday?’, ‘Is my best friend’s name Phil?’ or ‘Do I live in the UK?’. This will help you get a better grip of how your pendulum responds and help you gain more confidence in using it. As you get more proficient, you can ask questions about decisions you’re making in your personal life, such as whether to get a certain type of car, whether you can trust someone or whether you’re eating healthy enough food. You can also try fun exercises, such as locating a castle, ruin or water on a map. Hold the pendulum over different parts of a map and see the responses. As you get more experienced, this method can also be used to locate lost people or animals.

What If My Pendulum Doesn’t Work?

There are some instances where your pendulum might not work, or you get the wrong responses to questions. This could be for several reasons: * You may have wrongly interpreted the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ movements of your pendulum.

* If you are tried, agitated, emotional or feeling off colour, it may not work properly.

* If you’re not relaxed enough or feeling negative.

* You may be too close to electrical equipment or equipment with high frequencies, which could affect your pendulum.

* You’ve not phrased your questions properly – they need to be simple and specific.

* You’re not concentrating enough – sometimes you have to wait a while for the answer to come through.

* You may need to try using a different pendulum, as it might not be compatible with your energy.

The main thing to remember is to relax, keep trying and have an open mind. The more you practice, the better your pendulum skills will become and you should be able to get good results.