The permission always comes from higher sources, There is a simple formula that needs to be understand in all so called religions and spiritual path, God + Prophets + Saints + Teachers = You. If you are seeking a divine knowledge which comes with secrets, unveiling, so you must have to read the history associated with that knowledge, from whom to whom it has been granted and how you should post a request to be granted. God providing the knowledge to his Prophets, Prophets are granting to Saints, Saints are distributing to whom, who deserve this like a Teacher and Teacher’s are transferring the knowledge to you if you can care. This is why not all are divine, or spiritual. Only chosen people can be granted and they are under the blessings from God to teachers. Mostly three types of permissions can be taken from a teacher.

1–      Permission to Learn and use it in your own betterment

2–      Permission to learn and use it for a life as a profession.

3–      Permission to Learn & Teach others

However the 1st type permission is a level one, you always required it to start, the 2nd kind permission is best to use it after learning as a profession as I am using it, the 3rd type permission always comes when you become a master and unfortunately, nobody is a master.

This is a physical life, where we do mistakes, we hurt others, and we reject good and accept bad many times. I never think I can be a teacher, no never. I am just like you as you are, simple and a teacher cannot be simple, because there is no any teacher except a living Saint.

To use any divine knowledge without a perfect permission can be harmful for you and others. The permission comes with protection.