The “Ahkaam-e-Nuqtah” is a secret study of ilm-e-ramal, the Ramal scholars defined it as a Ruh (soul) of ilm-e-Ramal. The Ramal seekers and so called Western Geomancy practitioners will find the TRUE forms of POINT TO POINT exploration.

The Ramal scholars was against to teach this section to everyone, as they chose people by themselves and teach them with so many promises, This rule still applies , we only chose who can afford the secrets to keep secret.

Let me explain the basic things about figures as I already defined in my some of previous lesson.

The single POINT called “F’ard” and double Points will be called “Z’auj”.

Al Ramal has 16 figures; these all 16 figures are divided into 4 elements.







Time Periods (Zama’na) with Elements

Remember that   are fire figures.
The fire figures will explain the situation of Present if they are in Fire House.
The Fire figures will explain the future situations if they will be in AIR related houses.
If they are in Earth related houses so will provide the situation of Past.

For ease I am mentioning a chart here.

Important points in Nuqtah

Every Nuqtah has 4 major time periods.

To judge these points and periods Ramal Scholars defined 8th Level chart that we called “Mara’tib-e-Hashtgana”.

Take a look at Mara’tib-e-Hashtgana.

It should be remember that Mara’tib e Hashtgana having 8 figures of each element but counting should be ended by 12. This is why Ramal is difficult for some those learned from books and never got a master to teach them.

We need more explanations here,

When a element figure will reach at   , so it will be end, Then we will have start again with same element. Because Mara’tib  e Hashtgana is no more than 8 figures. Ramaal should understand this concept that when ended figure (Muntahi) will be ended on 8th figure so the same figure will start again, then he should finish the layer by same figure and start with another element. By this way he will cover 9th, 10th, 11th and then 12th right to left.

This is the real method of Nuqtah and I know many cannot understand by words.

So let me show an example in a very simple and easy way.

This is our example Zaicha to define Ahkaam-e-Nuqtah as NUQTAH.


Now look carefully, we will always see 15th figure to move nuqtah, the first nuqtah of any figure will be for knowing the Zameer, and the second nuqtah will be use to give an answer for a question.

This is our 15th figure.



We moved its Nuqtah-e-Aab (The point that associated with Water Element), That reached at 13th house which is a Fire related element, then it moved to 10th house & finally reached at 3rd house and ended on figure Tareeq.

Now we will take this t   figure is qurent’s first house figure here.

Now we checked it in Mara’tib e Hashtgana so found it 8th figure of Water level (Martba-e-Aab).
We will consider it as a first figure of our Zaicha.

Now see Mara’tib e Hashtgana carefully.

We will give first house answers from it  .

The second figure of Maratib-e-Aab will be  and we will give answers of 2nd house.

The next figure after is  , we will consider it 3rd house figure and give answers of 3rd house.

We will continue with same sequence.

See Mara’tib e Hashtgana.

Remember the rule. Once a row of any level will be ended at 8th, it will be continue from next row level by same figure.

This is why when we ended our 8th figure on water level at this   figure.

We continue from Earth level by same figure as 9th and then earth Level Tareeq as 10th figure.

Then again we start Martba-e-khaak from first figure as 11th and after that 12th figure.

These all figures should be judge in Zaicha and give Ahkaam.

I didn’t discuss things in depth, because the article was managed to give an idea about Ahkaam-e-Nuqtah. We discuss much deeper versions in our Ahkaam-e-Nuqtah course.

May Allah Shower His Rehmat Upon Everyone.
Ameen Ya Rab ul Aalameen.