Repeated Numbers in Lu Shu Grid

We can interpret your chart by looking at the frequency of each number as it appears in your chart. But it should be remember that each numerologist, defines the values and vibrations by his/her personal studies and experiences. So we can not set a rule here , it depends on your beliefs, regions and situation. As increasing anything can be bad for Mind, Soul & Body. But sometimes we need to adjust our life by increasing number’s vibrations to adjust a proper frequency.

The Chinese Numerology actually defines details about repeated numbers below.

But This can be change later according to my personal practices, experiences and Ilm-ul-Aadad theories.

Repeated Number 1 – 

People with too many 1s in their chart (at the expense of the other numbers) are overly dominant and try to force their desires on others. They are inclined to be brutish, overbearing, and inconsiderate.

Repeated Number 2 – 

The absence of the number 2 in the chart shows a lack of people skills, making it hard to associate and get on well with others. People without any 2s are overly sensitive and blame their mistakes on others.

Repeated Number 3 – 

People with too many 3s are inclined to be boastful, egotistical, and have many great ideas that are never put into practice.

Repeated Number 4 – 

People with a reasonable number of 4s are prepared to work for what they want. They do not mind working hard and actually enjoy challenges. They are usually conscientious and good with the details.

Repeated Number 5 – 

People with too many 5s in their chart do not know how to use freedom wisely and tend to overindulge. They frequently hurt the people who love them by abusing alcohol, drugs, or sex.

Repeated Number 6 – 

People with a reasonable number of 6s in their chart are able to handle responsibility and adjust to changing situations in their home and family life. They live in the real world and keep their feet on the ground.

Repeated Number 7 – 

People with a reasonable number of 7s in their chart are understanding, compassionate, and have beliefs that they live by. They have good minds and are interested in learning.

Repeated Number 8 – 

People without the number 8 in their charts are careless with money and possessions. At the same time, they frequently have a strong desire for money, which is constantly frustrated.

Repeated Number 9 – 

People with a reasonable number of 9s in their chart are caring people who understand, support, and assist others.

There are still many reasons and secrets in repetition of numbers.