Ring for Wealth & Luck

There are said to be various gemstones that are extremely powerful and heavy “spiritually heavy” and that if the right person wears them, it can bring great benefits if Allah SWT wills, but if worn by someone whose energy does not connect well with the energy of the gemstone, then great problems can befall on this person (unless of Allah SWT wills). One of these gemstones is Blue Sapphire and the other being turquoise. There is various ways to see if gemstones work well with your energy. The two most easiest way are: Caring the gemstone for 3 days when you are doing minimal amount of traveling and mostly indoors. The second way is keeping the gemstone under your pillow for 3 nights and based on the dream one may have, it can indicate if the gemstone is suitable for them or not, In Shaa ALLAH.

We have designed a powerful Feroza (turquoise) stone Ring & pendant prepare to assist its owner in luck and opening the doors of opportunities
In Shaa ALLAH. This powerful we developed and empowered after specific
chillah (retreat) of several ayaat and special prayers.

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