Ruby (Yaqoot) Ring & Benefits

Ruby is a precious gemstone which represents planet Sun. This gemstone is pink to blood-red in color and chemically belongs to category of aluminium oxides. Its characteristic red color is due to presence of chromium. The word ‘Ruby’ originates from Latin word ‘ruber’ meaning red. This gemstone is extremely hard and it stands next to diamond in terms of inherent hardness. Ruby gemstone is found to benefit people belonging to government sector and also political leaders. Some other people which are benefitted by wearing this gemstone include actors, jewelers, engineers, stock brokers, doctors, merchants, artists and writers.

Diseases curedRuby gemstone is also found to cure a number of diseases like ulcers, gouts, fever, boils, itch and insomnia, tuberculosis, etc. Some other health benefits of Ruby Gemstone include improved blood circulation and eyesight, and a glowing skin. This stone is also used to cure stomach, bone and heart related problems. It also improves hemoglobin levels inside body. This stone is also found to fight against a number of infections.

Natural Ruby stone settled in 925 sterling silver ring. Back side is open to touch gemstone to your skin.