Ruhaniyat and Amliyaat

These two word “Ruhaniyat & “Amliyaat” has been misinterpreted since centuries, Ruhaniyat talks about ruh, This is something can not explain in words, mostly this called ilm-e-ladnni, that a person gains by the practices of Ibada’at , Ashghaal & Adhkaar.

The word “Amliyaat” totally based on occultism today, where some amileen provide Naqosh,  numerical & astrological taweezat , and different calculation works behind of an amal to gain the power “taskheer” of some amal or ritual.
Although the real Amliyaat are only based on Qurani Ayaat , Qurani Surah and Asma-ul-Husna, that is the actual way we provide here and this is authentic version of amliyaat with us.