Significance of Number Five

The Number 5 governs all those people who are born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month or if Their Life Path Number is 5. The number 5 stands in symbolism for the Planet Mercury.

The very name of the planet suggests a mercurial but versatile nature. Free-thinking, adventurous, and progressive, 5 is defined by freedom. 5 needs to experience the world by engaging its five senses: For 5, life lessons are acquired through spontaneous acts of bravery. 5 is known for its playful, impuslive, and vivacious spirit. But on the other side 5 can become restless and impatient. Since 5 is always seeking discovery, it has a difficult time accepting life’s day-to-day responsibilities — including professional and interpersonal commitments. 5 must remember that when it narrows its gaze, it will discover that the most rewarding exploration exists in its own backyard.