Ramal Tables | علم الرمل جدول | Part 2

It has been said that all this knowledge is based on 28 tables. Which are used in their own place according to the question. Experts have described these 28 tables, they are being published here for the seekers of this knowledge. However, many things are still hidden in these tables which are kept hidden and its knowledge is given only to the right student.   Read more [...]

Hurdles in Love Marriage | علم الرمل

The Hurdles in love marriage is a vast issue today, where both parties can not decide what outcome can be in future. The example of this subject we made this Ramal Chart for a client, where we will explore the reasons and outcomes behind this issue. The very first four figure are : . The 4 figures guided us to the complete Chart, that will become like this. The main house having بیاض in it, although house 15 showing اجتماع , This shows the marriage will be done, the clear Read more [...]