Repeated Numbers in Lu Shu Grid

We can interpret your chart by looking at the frequency of each number as it appears in your chart. But it should be remember that each numerologist, defines the values and vibrations by his/her personal studies and experiences. So we can not set a rule here , it depends on your beliefs, regions and situation. As increasing anything can be bad for Mind, Soul & Body. But sometimes we need to adjust our life by increasing number's vibrations to adjust a proper frequency. The Chinese Numerology Read more [...]

Numerology Services

To avail my numerology services kindly chose the required services according to your requirements and contact. 1 Quick Question You may ask any one quick question regarding something which deeply concerns you. Please note that this does not include a detailed reading of your complete personality blueprint. Through this, I would only try to offer a solution to the problem that you quote in your question. It also does not include questions based on new-born naming / business naming / name change Read more [...]