The Dice

The Ramal having a device that called Qirr’a , some people called it Qura, and a few places I found it as Qira, in easy words it will be Ramal Dices.
The Qirr’a used to generate Ramal Zaicha (Geomantic Chart) since centuries. This device or tool can be made by the help of 7 metals like iron, gold, silver, copper, tin etc.

The two slots of ramal dices have total eight dices in it. Each slot has 4 dices, each dice has signs on it, now showing the signs those are required to make a ramal dice.

This is how a Qirr’a should be and well made.

You always need to have more than one Qirr’a because for personal use you cannot use the professional one and the professional Qirr’a only should be use for clients. But you must need to charge, activate both Qirr’a after sometimes or weekly.

This is really a headache to find a perfect Qirr’a for you, as nobody makes it, and even if someone can so you have to tell him how the points should be place on each side. Due to this not availability of Qirr’a mostly practitioners use numbers or point drawing methods to generate a Zaicha.

However Qirr’a is an important tool for a serious practitioner and he should use it for personal and clientele purpose.

The Qirr’a is a friend for its keeper, it can guide you whole day what is good or bad for you if you know ramal almost 50% because it shows the very first 4 figures of Zaicha and these four figures are too much important for the practitioners, I use to check my Zaicha whole day, time by time and I don’t draw whole Zaicha every time, I just use my Qirr’a and see the first 2 figures only and know the whole situation that whats happening now and what could be happen after it.
Best of Luck!