The Ramal

Al Ramal (The Origins of Geomancy) is an original form of geomantic divination. This is the knowledge that came from Prophets and Saints time by time to seek guidance in our seen & unseen matters. The history goes to Prophet Adam (AS) to Prophet Idrees (AS) but finally the major evidence came from Prophet Daniyaal (AS), The Ramal has been practiced for centuries and it’s the first most authentic secret knowledge in the world for divination. Al Ramal (The Origins of Geomancy) based on the 16th sacred figures of lines and dots. The 12th most important figures are associated with 12 astrological signs and houses. In the respect of secret knowledge ( Ul’oom-e-M’akhfiyah) Ramal is a most secret and authentic education from God, A Ramaal (Geomancer) needs a life to understand it, practice it, and predict the answer via this knowledge. Of Course nobody could use it without a higher permission & understanding,  many of its secrets were transferred by heart to heart from Saints and Teachers.