The Three Levels of Consciousness

The human mind can be divided into three levels of consciousness. These are:

The Conscious: This is the level of awareness. It includes whatever you are aware of at the current moment and the mental processes and thoughts that are going on alongside that. For example, whatever you are seeing, thinking about, and the feeling of sitting on a chair are all examples of the conscious mind.

The Subconscious/Preconscious: This is the level of accessible memory. It contains all of that information which can be recalled and remembered at will. For example, if you need to remember a specific path, you can recall it as soon as you need.

The Unconscious: This consists of our instinctive wishes as well as information that cannot be recalled. It includes bad memories, traumas, unfulfilled wishes, and other information that has been locked up inside. Much of what is in the unconscious affects us and our behavior, and many mental therapies involve facing traumas hidden in the unconscious. The unconscious shapes our behavior patterns, beliefs, and our worldview. Sometimes, a shocking or strong experience may trigger a recalling of something that is hidden away in the unconscious, causing the memory to return to the conscious or the subconscious.