Western Geomancy Course

The Western Geomancy (Sand Divination System) is a widely discussed and practiced method in the world that can predict the possible and accurate outcomes of our Past, Present and Future. This course has been designed by keeping the need of a newbie to advance practitioners in mind. I found the oldest version of western geomancy missed many useful features due to unavailability of materials, charts and methods. I have included all hidden and corrected details of charts and methods specially finding the name, time period and direction type of issues will be cleared in this course.

Course Contents

  • Introduction of Geomancy and its Origin.
  • An Understanding with Charts
  • Differences between Figures and Point versions.
  • Definition of Figures
  • Figures and Element
  • Figure Multiplication Rules
  • How to develop a geomancy tableau
  • Understanding the Tableau and its features
  • Description of Figures and their Effects
  • The 12 House and 4 Witnesses
  • The Judge
  • How to Unlocked a Locked Tableau
  • Repetitions of Figures
  • The Rules of Order by Figures
  • House 1 Questions and Answers
  • House 2 Questions and Answers
  • House 3 Questions and Answers
  • House 4 Questions and Answers
  • House 5 Questions and Answers
  • House 6 Questions and Answers
  • House 7 Questions and Answers
  • House 8 Questions and Answers
  • House 9 Questions and Answers
  • House 10 Questions and Answers
  • House 11 Questions and Answers
  • House 12 Questions and Answers
  • The Past, Present and Future
  • The Time (When, How,)
    When will I get a Job?
    When will I get married?
    When he will come back?
    When she will meet me?
    When my Court Case be final?
    When missing person will come?
    When I will get cure?
    When I will die?
    How I will die?
    When I should start a Business?
  • The Name (Finding Names)
    What is my Soul Mate Name?
    Who cursed me?
    Who will me married?
    What is the name of Theft?
    Who is my enemy?
  • The Directions and Destinations (Missing People and Stuff)
    Where is he?
    Where is the missing stuff?
    Where I should travel?

Duration: 30 Days
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