What is ilm-e-Jafar

The ilm-e-Jafar is a the science of Huroof , like any other language & Spiritual study , the ilm-e-Jafar having its own method to like Jafar based on Arabic Alphabets called Abjad-e-Qamri, there are 28 abjads in number but hundreds and thousands of variations of these have been invented by researchers and scholars over time and era by era. So different abjads are for different kind of methods to know questions, times , situations as well as treatments. Each abjad having 28 alphabets in numbers with its numeric values. To calculate an answer for any question or name can be converted to numerical values which called “Jamal” and after calculation the numbers this will transform back to alphabetical order which will provide meaningful sentence out of it.

The Great ilm-e-Jafar scholars distributed this treasure into two parts.
1 Ilm-e-Jafar Asaar
2Ilm-e-Jafar Akhbaar

The method of Asaar mainly used for creating Naqoosh, taweezat, Alwah , generating Muakal name, taskheerat as well as Amliyaat and Satoor-e-Tilsmi.

The method of Akhbaar based on generation answers of daily life questions and hidden stuff by the calculation of Alphabets through abjad and whole this process usually called Mustehsilah.