What is ilm-e-Ramal

The word Ramal is an Arabic word which means “sand” because of the history whatever we found is came to from the time of Prophet Adam (AS) to Prophet Daniyaal (AS) it has been used on sand, that’s why it’s Ramal.

Al Ramal (The Islamic Geomancy) is an original form of geomantic divination. This is the knowledge that came from Prophets and Saints time by time to seek guidance in our seen & unseen matters. The history goes to Prophet Adam (AS) to Prophet Idrees (AS) but finally the major evidences came from Prophet Daniyaal (AS), The Ramal has been practiced since centuries and it’s the first most authentic secret knowledge in the world for divination. Al Ramal (The Real Geomancy) based on the 16th sacred figures of lines and dots. The 12th most important figures are associated with 12 astrological signs and houses. In the respect of secret knowledge ( Ul’oom-e-M’akhfiyah)The Ramal scholars said that Ramal is a most secret and authentic education from God, A Ramaal (Geomancer) needs a life to understand it, practice it, and predict the answer via this knowledge. Off course nobody could use it without a higher permission as many of its secrets transferred by heart to heart from Saints and Teachers.

I visited a few websites and blogs where the so called author relates Ramal with Feng ShuiiChing as these are also a kind of geomantic forms but not as pure and authentic as Ramal itself. Everyone should use a mind when writing some histories about such secret knowledge because off course Chinese history is not that much old as Prophet Adam (AS) in the history. So their geomantic version can be a replica of Ramal (The Real Geomancy) but it’s not as Ramal. However it’s a truth the Ramal always being a secret and hidden stuff because of its nature. Ramal teachers never tried to disclose its secrets due to keep hidden from a nonsense practitioner, in the same way the Indian version of this knowledge by the name of Ramal Shastra. I agree as Indian people still justified here as giving it the same name as Ramal and the word “Shastra” also used as science of sculpture & specialized knowledge in a defined area of practice. But my main reason of this clarification about the so called western “Geomancy” is not as Islamic Geomancy. The western Geomancy and Al Ramal has many differences, As in Ramal we use many geomantic circles “Dawair” for different kind of predictions and answers that is not the way of western geomancy process as they only can be defined by figures and astrological point of views.

I received this knowledge a few years ago accidentally, then I am with it and it’s with me. Al Ramal (The Real Geomancy) can be use to get a possible answer for our present situations & future decisions.  If you are worry about Marriage, Job, Career, Business, Love issues, Health matters or having some divine curses as well as whatever you wish to ask, the Ramaal can be a best adviser and solution provider for you.

ilm-e-Ramal & Importance of Permission.

The permission always comes from higher sources, There is a simple formula that needs to be understand in all so called religions and spiritual path, God + Prophets + Saints + Teachers = You. If you are seeking a divine knowledge which comes with secrets, unveiling, so you must have to read the history associated with that knowledge, from whom to whom it has been granted and how you should post a request to be granted. God providing the knowledge to his Prophets, Prophets are granting to Saints, Saints are distributing to whom, who deserve this like a Teacher and Teacher’s are transferring the knowledge to you if you can care. This is why not all are divine, or spiritual. Only chosen people can be granted and they are under the blessings from God to teachers. Mostly three types of permissions can be taken from a teacher.

1–      Permission to Learn and use it in your own betterment

2–      Permission to learn and use it for a life as a profession.

3–      Permission to Learn & Teach others

However the 1st type permission is a level one, you always required it to start, the 2nd kind permission is best to use it after learning as a profession as I am using it, the 3rd type permission always comes when you become a master and unfortunately, nobody is a master.

This is a physical life, where we do mistakes, we hurt others, and we reject good and accept bad many times. I never think I can be a teacher, no never. I am just like you as you are, simple and a teacher cannot be simple, because there is no any teacher except a living Saint.

To use any divine knowledge without a perfect permission can be harmful for you and others. The permission comes with protection.