What is Ramal Chart (Za’icha)

The Ramal has been used since centuries with two methods.

1 – The Orders by Figures (Ah’kaam-e-Shakliyah).
2 – The Orders by Points (Ah’kaam-e-Nuqtah).

The first method has been practiced widely in public , Anyone can understand the meaning of Bad and Good figures and get answer in YES OR NO forms although the 2nd method always being secret from public and comes heart by heart from teachers to their deserving students with a promise to not share with nonsense.

In the respect of Knowledge, a person always is being Ja’hil (Nonsense) until you teach him sense. This is a basic and major drawback in all divine knowledge and practices this is why we are quite today and worry about our circumstances, But there is always a key of understand every knowledge without a teacher, If you don’t have any teacher or secret opener so you are still allowed to gain any knowledge with the help of astrology.

Astrology is a base for all Divine Knowledge methods those has been discussed in this world. To understand any divine knowledge you must work on astrology, learn it, practice it, you should know what are the planets, stars and their effects on your life.

First you understand that our all 16 geomancy figures are associated with planets and stars, secondly our all 12 major houses of Ramal are basically 12 Astrological houses and they are also associated with planets and stars. Once I called it Zaicha so it’s same Zaicha which astrologers make in astrology to see good and bad by stars and their houses and they called that ASTROLOGICAL CHART.

Only the difference will be that we add more 12 geomancy figures in those 12 astrological houses to know the things in better ways. Now if you reject the astrology part from Ramal so you will never understand the depth of “نحس” and “سعد”.

Allah creates everything with a purpose.

There is a Surah in the Quran named Buruj. In Arabic the word ‘Buruj‘ means ‘Constellation’ or ‘Zodiac sign’. Surah Buruj is the 85th Surah in the Quran. The starting of the Surah is like-

I swear by the sky where there are buruj…

(Allah swears by the sky where there are zodiac signs.)

I have created buruj (Zodiac signs) on the sky and decorated them for viewers and I have also protected them from evils…” (16th line of Surah Hizr)

How great he is, who has created buruj in the sky and placed the Sun and shining Moon over there…” (61st line of Surah Furkan).

Buruj is an Arabic words means constellation or zodiac signs. In Arabic Astrology, we find that the sign Leo is named ‘Asad Buruj‘. ‘Asad’ means a lion thus the Arabic name of Leo, which is represented by a lion, is ‘Asad Buruj‘. Similarly, Libra is named, ‘Meezan Buruj‘. The Arabic word ‘Meezan‘ means a balance – which represents Libra sign.

So whatever we are seeking by a Zaicha is seeking the help from Allah by using his creations, Allah creates the creation to reunite other creations. This is why we the astrologers, fortune tellers, geomancers, numerologist, healers, mediums, and spiritualist always try to use the same creation with the help of Allah, and if Allah doesn’t allow us to do that so how we could knew these all?

Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 3 Surah Ale Imran verses160:

If Allah helps you, none can overcome you!  And if Allah forsakes you, who is there, then, after Allah that can help you?  Therefore, the true believers should trust in Allah Alone.

Now let me come back on Zaicha. Now see this figure where I have defined the 16 figures and their relations with planets and stars.

Now see this figure where I explained how our 12 houses of ramal zaicha having relations with astrology.

There are 16 houses just because of last 4 judges otherwise our ramal work only can be done by seeing 12 houses. The 12th houses are yours and the 12 figures will show your positions according to your questions. The use of last 4 houses (13, 14, 15, and 16) is just to judge the case.

I have explained previously the house meanings, and finally our Ramal Zaicha will be like this.

This is a true picture of our Geomantic Astrological Chart.