Al Ramal ( The Origins of Geomancy )has become a famous point for people today. I am writing an article after a long time as I was much busy in my work and course’s students and sometimes it’s hard to handle all at once. Normally people ask me WHEN I WILL GET SUCCESS, WHEN I WILL GET MY SOUL MATE, WHEN MY TIME WILL BE CHANGE etc. This WHEN is something we wish to ask, we want to know some specific time period where we get some hopes. My client from Qatar asked me this question about a week ago and I thought to make one article about it, she wished to ask When will i going to be Married.

This is a normal question now a day’s especially from the girls those are passing their ages and having too much issues in proposals, love matters as well as to get married.

She has provided me these numbers

11, 19, 12, 8

According to these numbers we made this Geomantic Chart:

After making the Zaicha I need to see her present condition according to the house 1.

i found in first house, it means whatever she do it goes wrong. She always gets incomplete results. I already checked and she has no any kind of unseen effects on her but due to  in 4th house it means the house or flat where she lives is not good at all.

Now let me check if she has marriage in her life or not.

I found  in 7th house it means she has marriage in her life.

Lets come on the point , she wants to know when she will get the married,

This time I am showing a very unique method to judge the time where we can know about Days, Months and Years.

First all let me recall Daira-e-Sikan.

Now I will see her question and the associated house from that question, the question is about marriage and it’s related to house 7.

I will multiply the house 7 figure with Daira-e-Sikan’s 7th figure and get our resulted figure.

After getting that resulted figure I will match the figure with this Daira-e-Miaad.

House 7th figure is .
Daira-e-Sikan’s figure is .

Let’s Multiply Now.
x = .

Now I will check this resulted figure in Zaicha, This figure comes two time in Zaicha, once in 3rd house, and second time it repeats in 13th house.

The 3rd house is under (Um’haat) and according to Daira-e-Miaad its period is 8 Days. Now this figure also repeated in 13th house which is under “Matu’wldaat” , according to Daira-e-Miaad its period is 1 Year.

See this:

It means she could be married after 1 year and 8 days.

This is a very simple way to know the time period which I mentioned , I use something else personally, which I will mentioned in my courses .

Remember that we can know any time limitation by this method of our business, income, stock exchange, marriage, and surviving.

Cheer Up !