This question is an anxiety itself, it’s a fear, and it’s a worry. I found this question been asked by females normally especially when they are over aged. The age is something if you count so it becomes a dilemma for you and once you leave to judge then you may live happily. I judge people by psychological point of views too. The problem is when you lost your golden age and cross the 20s or 25th of your age number , you start to face issues in relationships, proposals, friendships and finally marriage will not done. After 25th of age if you still didn’t care about marriage then there will be a long road to cross now.

If you got married between 18 to 20, it will be a best time for you.

If you got married between the age of 20 to 25, then it’s still good time for you.

If you got marriage between the age of 25th to 30 then you have to do hard work on your marriage, family disputes, husband /wife issues, in-laws matters kind of issues can be occurs in your life.

If you still didn’t care about marriage life until the age of 30th, so forget this subject until the age of 40 now.

This is how what happening today in the world. I found aged females, some did marriage after 30s and got divorced, and some are still single. The divorced and widowed females hardly get a better match.

If you asked them why you delayed? They will simply put everything on destiny, and not look what they did with their own destiny.

The destiny is not whatever you do is already written,  The destiny is, whatever you were going to do in a life Allah wrote those all things, and to save you from bad he shown ways, signs .

But what you will do when people need to see signs by their choices.

However it’s a long discussion and I am not going to invest my energies in it. My client Aaliya from Morocco asking me this question and she has provided me these numbers 1, 4, 5, 10.

This is our Zaicha!

Our main aim is to find out if she has marriage in life or not. It’s very simple.

If 7th house figure is one of these figure OR

so it means she has marriage in life. If there will be some other figures so the answer will be NO.

So my client has  in her Zaicha‘s 7th house so it means she has one marriage in her life.

Now see a simple method to know why she didn’t get proposals or what is bad with her.

See the house number 6th’s figure if it will be OR so it means she is under Demonic Effects, and if there are one of these figures so it’s a bad spirit possession. If there is so it means she is infected by Magic.

So my client having  in her 6th house so she is having problems due to demonic effects.

This should be check and cure in a proper time, but finding causes is not everything, you also should understand the value of marriage in your life, Age is nothing, don’t decide your decisions to someone else. You are the owner of your happiness, live as you want. Be Happy.

Best of Luck!