Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system.  One third (30%) of infertility can be attributed to male factors, and about one third (30%) can be attributed to female factors.  In about 20% of cases infertility is unexplained, and the remaining 10% of infertility is caused by a combination of problems in both partners. If you are trying to have a baby and it is not happening as quickly as you expected, you may wonder if you have an infertility issue.

It’s a desire of many to have a baby but sometimes they cannot understand the proper causes especially once doctor says “Everything is OK”. You should remember that the divination systems Like Ramal should be choose after medical checkups. I will never force you to believe on any knowledge 100% as accuracy may differ time by time as every divine knowledge works with nature, and nature works with our actions.

I will not talk about only infertility but in all health issue you must visit to any specialist and get a proper check up, healing should not be use alone, the medicine and healing works together too. As breathing, living, growing is the part of process so treatment also is a part of process. You cannot avoid treatments, as a better health gives you a better life. If it’s not medical issue, doctors are cleared that there is no any medical issue in both of partners then you have right to get spiritual help. Sometimes infertility appeared due to curses, trials, and tests. Don’t tell me, all are angels here, Nobody actually.

My querent from Canada wished to get answer of “WILL I EVER HAVE BABY?

She has provided me these digits:

7, 20, 11, 10

By these digits we drew this Zaicha:

First of all we will check first house, because this house will tell me her correction situations.

She is having  in 1st house, if this figure arrived in this house so it means the querent facing hurdles, circumstances, problems in life, whatever work she does for good gives negative effects.

I never read a zaicha just by figures; I look everything, more deeply as I could. In such cases I have to very careful because these questions are related to hopes, wishes.

The rule of Orders by Figures says if the 5th house having one of these figures .

so she will have a baby otherwise NO.

So the issue RESOLVED?

Not at all, because You cannot predict a Zaicha just by seeing figures, sometimes figures are not enough, if we work in more depth of ORDERS BY FIGURES so we have method of multiplications, let’s use it.

We will multiply 1st house figure with 5th house figure and reserved the result.

Then we will multiply 6th house figure with 7th house figure and reserve the result.
Now we will multiply the both of reserved results with each other and get final result , that will be our FINAL ANSWER.

Multiplication of 1st and 5th house figures:

x = .

Multiplication of 6th and 7th house figures:

x =

Multiplication of both of results:

x =

This  figure is final result, this is Good figure, its gender is Female, its element is Air, although the house 5th associated with fire element, and Fire and air are friends. The 5th house based on FUTURE, its nature is good as well so the final answer is YES, SHE WILL HAVE A BABY IN FUTURE.

Now my next task is to see who is having medical problems basically, husband or wife.
Remember if the figure  will be in first house, so it means the husband has medical problems, and if this figure comes in 8th house so it means the woman has medical issues. But I didn’t find this figure in 1st or 8th house so it means both are clean and cleared.

So the correct answer is she should not leave the hopes in future she will have a baby, however I didn’t find any curses, possession, or demonic effects upon her at all.
Remember you could be delay by many reasons, But not everything is cursed, possession or so. Sometimes we get what we wish after some delay. Nothing comes in plates as you wish.

Keep Patience and Be Positive.

Best of Luck!