Getting job is a trouble today, the most hurting issue when you have to become a taxi driver while you have MBA or PHD degrees due to no vacancy situations.. The economical crises are everywhere, the appointed people are seeking another job today, and jobless guys are trying to do something worse. I have made thousands of Zaicha in my practicing years, I deal every kind person, I have to read their minds, their psycho and sometimes have to deal like a child. The most problematic situation I found with jobless people. They have dreams, they have responsibilities, if they invest their own life to fulfill those responsibilities so they have to burn their dreams, believe me, this is life, and life meaning is “Accept everything but expect nothing”.

Today my client is from Dubai, Searching a Job. He asked me “Will I Get a Job?”

He provided these numbers: 7, 7, 9, and 1

Let’s Draw the Zaicha:

We will see 10th house, if one of these figures  are there  so it means he will get a job and will be appointed on his post soon, and if the 1st house figure also good so it means his boss will be kind with him.

If 10th house figure will be one of these figures  so he will reject the job by himself.

If there will be one of these figures in 10th house  so he will not get Job.

If there will be one of these figures in 10th house  so it means he will get the job but soon he has to leave it or they will fired him due to any reason.

This is a simple rule which need to follow for such questions. But if you are working somewhere presently so kindly don’t leave that job at any cost until you find the better one.

Best of Luck!