Ramal Forecast Services | زائچہ رمل

We provide Special Services to our Valued Customers. We provide a one stop solution of all your personal and spiritual issues. The Ramal Chart (Ramal Zaicha) is a most popular and helpful feature today. This can reveal many answers and outcomes along with solutions.

Urgent Chart ( Cost: $25 )

Urgent Chart based on a single query from client, where you are allowed to ask any question related to Marriage, Job, Career, and Business as well as about your own personal issues.

Complete Chart ( Cost: $111 )

Complete Forecast based on 12 astrological houses and its related questions, The Complete Zaicha covers your whole situations regarding your questions. Which provides the possible answers of your unanswered questions with their solutions. The questions like Finding Names, Missing Stuff/Person/ Soul Mate, and Time Periods of Marriage, Success etc, will also cover in this Zaicha. Get the Solutions of Your All worldly or spiritual problems in a form of Talismans and Be Happy , Be Protected from unwanted hurdles and evils.


Note: The Complete Forecast Report cost can be increase by its nature.